April 10, 2011

Cleared to run

After more than 2 1/2 months on the mend for an Achilles injury, I appear to be in the clear for the most part.

I had a follow-up visit with the physical therapist a little more than a week ago that included a video analysis of my stride. Overall, my form is good, but I need to work on correcting the slight pronation of my right foot and bringing my pelvis forward some. I can still sense that there's a little less flexibility in my right Achilles, but that should work itself out over time.

The PT assigned me a new stretching routine that focuses on the pelvic area, which should also help with the pronation. Best of all, he gave me the go-ahead to increase my mileage by 10 percent whenever I feel comfortable.

I'm back up to three miles a day and just enjoying being on the move outside!