March 21, 2011

Step-by-step progress

Two months after injuring my Achilles tendon, I'm running again - albeit not far and not as fast.

It started with alternating walking and running for a mile on a treadmill for a week, then two miles. The first full mile I ran took 12 minutes, but felt great. Next, I increased the pace to a 10-minute mile.

On a sunny day a little more than a week ago, I ran a mile outside - finally, some fresh air and solid ground. Since then, I've doubled the distance to two miles and gotten back to a more normal pace of around eight minutes a mile.

At the end of this week, I check in with the physical therapist. To be sure, I have much further to go, but it's good to be moving again.

March 16, 2011

My recovery, in 140-charachter installments

This blog isn't the only place I've been chronicling my recovery from an Achilles tendon injury. I've been on the microblogging service Twitter for a while, and recently came across Storify, a new tool that lets users compile stories using tweets, blog posts, photos and other media. The result is below - and if you're interested, check back as I continue to update it.